UHV KAP301 Radiation Resistant Kapton Wire, Ø 0.64mm, Silver Plated Copper Conductor, 7.5 kV, Multistrand Spool Length 5m, 10m, 50m, 100m

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Allectra ultra-high vacuum (UHV) Kapton insulated wire type KAP301, radiation resistant, conductor ø 0.64mm, multistrand, voltage rating 7.5kv dc in vacuum, temperature resistant up to +300°c max, 0.75mm OD, spool of 5 to 100 meters long - custom sizes available on request.

Highly flexible for medium current applications up to 300°C. This cable is the most commonly used size, it is easy to handle, robust and has electrical data, which fits most applications.


Temperature Resistance: Max. 300°C

Radiation Resistance: 10e9 rad

Voltage Rating: 7.5KV DC in Vacuum

Size or DN: 5 to 100 meter length spools of Kapton 301 Insulated Wire

Vacuum Leak Rate: UHV <5x10^-10 mbar l/s

Vacuum Level: typically 10^-12 mbar is achievable

Conductor Diameter:
Ø 0.60 mm
Voltage Rating:
7.5 kV DC in Vacuum