Vacuum Volume offers the latest vacuum technology and scientific equipment from manufacturing innovators who adhere to the highest standards of quality. We have experienced sales professionals who have expertise in vacuum technology equipment and the many applications requiring vacuum products – including thermal vacuum space simulation testing of satellites and spacecraft instrumentation, thin film coating, materials science, nanotechnology, semiconductors, physics research, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical device manufacturing, surface science, synchrotrons, nuclear fusion, quantum computing, photovoltaics, freeze drying, botanical extraction, and more.
We currently offer products from the following manufacturers.
Allectra (Made in Europe)
Electrical feedthroughs (Sub-D, Coaxial, High Frequency SMA, Thermocouple, Multipin, Power), pressure burst disks, motion feedthroughs, cables/connectors (KAP301 radiation resistant Kapton wire), and viewports
Ultra-high (UHV) and extreme high (XHV) components and chambers including Ti/Al bonded bimetal CF flanges and ISO/KF flanges and fittings
VACGEN (Made in Europe)
Manipulators, linear and rotary drives, mag probes, wobble sticks, XY modules, leak valves and angle valves, Z movement translators, motor controllers, and gas panels
Redline Chambers (Made in USA)
Low to high vacuum chambers and systems – including turn-key thermal vacuum (TVAC) testing systems for space simulation, large chambers to over 20 feet diameters
Pfeiffer Vacuum (Made in Europe)
Vacuum pumps (Turbomolecular, fore vacuum, and Roots), turbopump stations, residual gas analyzers, helium leak detectors, and vacuum gauges
RBD Instruments (Made in USA)
Compact Auger analyzers, USB picoammeters, water vapor desorption systems, and ion source packages
TERA-print (Made in USA)
Beam and polymer pen lithography tools for nanofabrication
NT-MDT (Made in Europe)
Atomic force microscopes (AFM) and Raman spectroscopy