Electrical Feedthroughs, High-frequency Feedthroughs, Pressure Burst Disks, Motion Feedthroughs, UHV/HV Cables and Connectors, and Viewports
Allectra (located in Berlin, Germany) offers a range of high and ultra-high vacuum components compliant with international standards: Sub-D feedthroughs, Electrical feedthroughs, Coaxial feedthroughs, High-frequency feedthroughs, UHV/HV cables and connectors, Viewports, Linear motion feedthroughs, Hardware and accessories.
Allectra GmbH was set up in 2002 in Berlin to manufacture and supply a full range of High Vacuum and UHV components. Over the last eighteen years the group has expanded to include: two further manufacturing facilities, one in Sussex, UK, and one in Villingen-Schwenningen, Southern Germany in addition to sales offices in Italy and France, and a network of distributors worldwide.
Customers include universities, major synchrotron laboratories, OEM’s, and high technology companies. Allectra Limited and Allectra GmbH are ISO 9001 certified.
Vacuum Volume is proud to be Allectra's sales agent and distributor for North America. You can find many of their standard products here on our website available to order. We are always adding additional products, so if you can't find something you need, then please contact us. Allectra also provides many custom electrical feedthrough assemblies on customized flanges. If you have a custom need, then send us a quote request, and we will provide you with a solution.