Miniax XYZ Manipulator, Z 50mm X&Y +/-12.5mm 4 X Mini Ports 6" CF Flange/DN100CF Miniax - ZXYZ0515

4 - 6 weeks
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The Miniax XYZ translator offers a source of simple, cost effective, manipulation. The single bellows construction makes it easy to use in any orientation. The micrometers are vacuum conditioned and do not need to be removed for bakeout.


The Miniax uses a single edge-welded bellows for X, Y and Z movements. Cross roller bearings are used for the XY movements with plain bushings guiding the Z slide.

Product Overview

  • XY travel of ±12.5 mm guided with cross roller bearings.
  • Z travel options of 50mm
  • Bakeable to 200°C.
  • Standard base flange is 152mm OD (NW100CF) with straddled clearance holes for mounting the translator.
  • Four mini ports, tapped M4, are provided for service feedthroughs (152mm OD base flange only)
  • Travelling flange 70mm OD (NW35CF) with M6 tapped holes, straddled about the Y axis
  • An optional 70mm OD (NW35CF) base flange
  • Double bolt holes on mounting flange.
  • Operating pressure 1 bar to 10-11 mbar
  • Leak rate 1x10-10 mbar ls-1
  • XY Resolution 0.001 mm repeatability 0.005 mm
  • Z Resolution 0.005 mm repeatability 0.010 mm


Temperature Range Bakeable to 200°C
Dimension C 260mm
Dimension A 160mm to 210mm
Travel 50mm Z
Size or DN DN100CF Base flange with 4 x DN16CF ports
Linear Travel:
Flange Size:
6" CF Base flange with 4 x 1.33" CF ports
Dimension A:
160mm to 210mm
Dimension C: