Located in the United Kingdom, Allectra offers a range of components compliant with international standards: Sub-D feedthroughs, Electrical feedthroughs, Coaxial feedthroughs, High-frequency feedthroughs, UHV/HV cables and connectors, Viewports, Linear motion feedthroughs, Hardware and accessories.

LOS Vacuum Products
LOS Vacuum Products
Located in Sequim, WA, they produce Ti/Al bonded bimetal CF flanges, custom vacuum chambers of different materials, (titanium, aluminum, inconel, mu-metal, stainless steel, and more), and other UHV and XHV vacuum components as well as KF/ISO flanges and fittings.

Located in the United Kingdom, VACGEN Ltd. has been the name synonymous with high quality ultra-high vacuum products and services since 1964. Their product line includes manipulators, linear and rotary drives, mag probes, wobble sticks, XY modules, leak valves and angle valves, Z movement translators, motor controllers, and gas distribution panels.

Redline Chambers
Located in Clearfield, UT, USA, they manufacture X-large chambers and vacuum systems for many applications which include systems for scientific experimentation to industrial production, thin-film processes, freeze drying, thermal vacuum space simulation, altitude testing, material heat treating and processing, product integrity testing, vacuum drying, and leak testing plus many more applications.

RBD Instruments
Located in Bend, OR, design products that solve
problems not always addressed by other companies. From water vapor desorption systems to complete compact Auger analysis systems, RBD’s diverse selection of products and services provides customers with solutions unique to the vacuum industry. Their product line includes Compact Auger Analyzers, USB Picoammeters, Water Vapor Desorption Systems, and Ion Source Packages.

Pfeiffer Vacuum
Located in Asslar, Germany, Pfeiffer Vacuum,
for over 130 years, has set the standard of excellence in vacuum technology. Products Include: turbomolecular, fore vacuum, and roots pumps, turbopump stations, residual gas analyzers, helium leak detectors, and vacuum gauges.

NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments
Located in Moscow, Russia, over the last 28 years, NT-MDT has been involved in the development, production and support of research instrumentation, primarily, atomic force microscopes (AFM) and its
combinations with ultrahigh resolution spectroscopy for nanotechnology and its applications. NT-MDT pioneering efforts led to the impressive combination of scanning probe microscopy with Raman spectroscopy.

Located in Evanston, IL, their team has developed a suite of novel nanofabrication instruments that function as “desktop fabs” providing researchers the ability to rapidly prototype structures and devices with an unmatched combination of capabilities in terms of scalability, materials generality, and resolution. Their standard tools include the TERA-Fab M series (for doing Polymer Pen Lithography) and the TERA-Fab E series (for doing Beam Pen Lithography).