Pfeiffer Adixen ASM 390 Mobile Dry Helium Leak Detector, Universal Voltage, with ACP 40 Multi-stage Roots Pump

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Mobile leak detector optimized for rapid pump down and short response times on large test objects.

The ASM 390 is optimized for fast and accurate leak testing in all measurement ranges. It is the perfect combination of high dry pumping performance, sensitivity and mobility in the smallest footprint. The mobile helium leak detector has a dry backing pump with a backing capacity of 35 m^3/h. The compact design of the ASM mobile leak detector allows for high maneuverability without sacrificing performance. A large, fully-rotating color touch screen display is included within this product, with the option for detachment without the requirement of tools. An integrated toolbox for storage of accessories is likewise included within the ASM 390 product package.

The CSGB01G2MM9A configuration of Pfeiffer's ASM 390 comes with a 37 pin I/O interface to allow for control options through PCs/PLCs.


  • Dry and clean 35 m3/h (21 cfm) roughing capacity using frictionless and oil free ACP 40 multi-stage roots pump
  • Fast time to test: unrivalled performances from small to large volumes
  • 10 l/s helium pumping speed for a faster response time
  • 20 hPa crossover pressure for a rapid entry into measurement mode and additionnal massive mode for large leaks
  • Large color touch screen panel display with full 360° viewing offering excellent visibility, fully rotatable and detachable without any tool
  • Intuitive menu with password protection to prevent from unintended use
  • Available with interface board for automation through an external system (PC or PLC)
  • Integrated toolbox for storage of accessories
  • Fully configurable I/O interface (37 pins D-Sub) to allow control through PCs/PLCs

Superior performance, fast testing

The ASM 390 is the perfect leak detection solution adapted to the semiconductor and display industries as well as to other demanding applications where rapid pump down and high sensitivity is key. The model is fully Semi S2 compliant. These leak detectors are fitted with a dry frictionless backing pump and a powerful high vacuum pump, making them the ideal tools for leak testing of various components in clean environments. 


  • Semiconductor industry
  • Large area coating
  • Solar industry
  • Particle accelerators / Synchrotrons
  • Vacuum components – feedthroughs, valves, bellows, expansion joints
  • Laser technology
  • Ultra-pure media supply
  • Electronics
  • Aeronautics
  • Medical technology


Backing pump with oil free backing pump
Backing pump capacity 35 m³/h | 20.6 cfm | 583.33 l/min
Detectable gases 4He, 3He, H2
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1,072 x 455 x 1,025 mm | 42.2 x 17.91 x 40.35 inch
Exhaust connector Filter on exhaust port  
Flange (in) DN 40 ISO-KF
I/O interfaces Configurable 37 pins I/O
Minimum detectable leak rate for helium (sniffing leak detection) 1 · 10-9 Pa m3/s | 7.5 · 10-9Torr l/s | 1 · 10-8 mbar l/s
Minimum detectable leak rate for helium (vacuum leak detection) 1 · 10-13 Pa m³/s  
Noise level 55 dB(A)
Power consumption 800 W
Power consumption max. 1600 W
Pumping speed for He 10 l/s
Sound pressure level 55 dB(A)
Start-up time (20°C) 2 min
Supply 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Test method Vacuum and sniffing leak detection
Type High performance - mobile
User interface Graphic color touch screen (detachable)
Weight 125 kg | 275.57 lb
Leak Test Method:
Vacuum & Sniffing