Pfeiffer Compact FullRange® ActiveLine Vacuum Gauge, PKR 360 Active Pirani and Cold Cathode Transmitter, KF25 Flange, Low Current

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Pfeiffer Vacuum PKR 360 Series Pirani/Cold Cathode Gauge

The Compact FullRange® Gauges PKR 360 and PKR 361 have been designed for vacuum measurement of gases in the pressure range of 1×10-9 to 1000 mbar. They must not be used for measuring flammable or combustible gases in mixtures containing oxidants (e.g. atmospheric oxygen) within the explosion range. They are intended for operation in connection with a Pfeiffer Vacuum measurement unit for Compact Gauges or with another suitable controller.

The gauge consists of two separate measuring systems (the Pirani and the cold cathode system according to the inverted
magnetron principle). They are combined in such a way that for the user, they behave like one measuring system. Over the whole measurement range, the measuring signal is output as a logarithm of the pressure.


  • FullRange® Gauge With Two Sensors in One Housing
  • Optimized for Applications in the Medium Vacuum Range
  • Very Low External Magnetic Field
  • Display Range: 1 * 10^(-9) to 1000 hPa
  • Rugged and Dependable
  • Insensitive to Air Ingress
  • Without Elastomer Seal
  • Features a 25 mm Nominal Diameter (DN 25 Flange)
  • Maximum Pressure Refers to Inert Gases and Temperatures of Less Than 55°C


Accuracy: 1 x 10^-8 to 1000 hPa ± 30 %
Ambient temperature 5-55 °C | 41-131 °F | 278-328 K
Anode Molybdenum
Bakeout temperature Electronics removed, ≤ 150 °C
Feedthrough Glass
Filament Tungsten
Flange, Material Stainless Steel 1.4435
Measurement range 1 x 10^-9 to 1 x 103 hPa
Method of measurement Pirani/Cold Cathode
Nominal diameter DN 25 ISO-KF
Output signal: Measurement range 2–8.6 V  
Output signal: Minimum load 10 k?
Pressure max. 10,000 hPa | 7,500 Torr | 10,000 mbar
Repeatability: 1 x 10^-8 to 1000 hPa 5 %
Sensor cable length min. 300 m
Supply: Power consumption max. 2 W
Supply: Voltage V DC 14.5 – 30 V DC
Temperature: Storage -40-70 °C | -40-158 °F | 233-343 K
Volume 19.9 cm³
Weight 280 g
Measuring Method:
Pirani / Cold Cathode Combo
Measuring Range:
7.5 x 10^10 -to 760 Torr