Vacuum Chambers

We offer a wide variety of vacuum chambers from our manufacturing partners spanning the full vacuum range of Low/Rough Vacuum (atmosphere/760 to 1 Torr), Medium/Fine vacuum (9E-1 to 1E-3 Torr), High Vacuum/HV (9E-4 to 1E-8 Torr), Ultra-high Vacuum/UHV (9E-9 to 1E-11 Torr), and Extreme High Vacuum/XHV (< 1 x 10^-11 Torr). Our vacuum chambers can be built to your exact specifications, just send us a drawing and we can build to print, or send us a sketch and we can help with the design process. Our partners are capable of producing chambers of all sizes and geometries from as small as a 2 inch cube to as large as a full space simulation vacuum chamber that's over 20 feet in diameter and 40 feet long. Chambers can be built from an array of different metals and alloys including stainless steel (304, 316L, and 316LN), aluminum, titanium, bimetal, inconel, copper, and mu-metal. 
In this section, you will find many examples of custom vacuum chambers we have manufactured for our customers as well as standard configurations. All of these designs can be modified to meet your exact requirements or if you have your own design, then send it over to us to review, and we will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible. We are also happy to offer free conultations to go over any questions you have and offer advice on your project.