Nuclear Fusion Research Components

Apr 8th 2020

Nuclear Fusion Research Components

Vacuum Volume’s partner, Allectra, services some of the world’s most challenging markets and fields of study, including globally renowned nuclear fusion research facilities. Fusion refers to the combination of hydrogen isotopes into heavier nuclei, releasing bursts of energy in the process. Stars continuously combine hydrogen as fuel for their extraordinary energy output; our sun fuses around 500 million metric tons of hydrogen per second. The main objective of nuclear fusion researchers is realizing nuclear fusion on earth.

Nuclear fusion may enable clean zero carbon energy generation in the future. Unlike conventional nuclear fission, the process does not generate long-lived nuclear waste. A lot of effort is being devoted to this area by research laboratories and private companies, including the International ITER project in France, the Culham Laboratory in the UK, TAE Technologies in the US, the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Germany, and many more.

Allectra is a supplier to the ITER project and the Culham Laboratory and also to private companies who are engaged in Nuclear Fusion development. A selection of the components they supply for fusion research includes:

  • 301 Series of radiation-resistant UHV wires, such as 301-KAPM-060-PAIR1-5M
  • High-temperature thermocouple connectors, such as 361-TC-CON-K
  • UHV thermocouple feedthroughs, such as 262-TCK-2-C16
  • UHV feedthroughs which can carry multiple signals out of the UHV environment, such as 210-HD44-C63

Fusion Research with Allectra Components
With a suite of high-temperature and radiation-resistant vacuum components suitable for the most demanding operating conditions, Allectra is well placed to supply nuclear fusion researchers with the solutions they need. Radiation resistant ultra-high vacuum wires (UHV), high-temperature thermocouple connectors, and high-performance UHV feedthroughs are merely a selection of the products they offer for fusion research applications.